The ultralight-trike wing overhaul

After 100 hours “in the air”, it is time of a nice gift to my wing HS 14. I phone to Dario Graziani (Grif Italy) for an appointment and I am ready to reach Viterbo, not so far from Rome, for the wing “big revision”. During the last 100 hours, I have not found any notable inconveniences. Just two details due to the folding rush in the evening. Please to remember that we are talking about a wing for nanotrikes that I open and close every time I fly, so about 40 times/year, and since I often fly until the ephemeris, sometimes the closure happens “by heart”. In short, a folded cable and a very small incision in the leading edge promptly repaired. Nothing else, so I was really curious to see what this revision consists of!

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Il motore gioia & dolore (guida per “piloti alle prime bielle”)

Per fortuna, soprattutto gioia. Ma se non stiamo attenti, qualche dolore potrebbe anche arrivare (… e già vi vedo armeggiare nei sacri luoghi). Vero che stiamo parlando di motori per lo più semplici, niente elettronica sofisticata, niente iniezione, niente di nascosto difficile da osservare durante i controlli, insomma, se trattati bene funzionano egregiamente. Ecco, se trattati bene.

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