A late summer (flying) afternoon

I have a new friend for my flying adventures.

Officially it opened its wings last Saturday by passing the exam for obtaining the flight certificate, fresh cool, so now you have to fly!

“Shall we go to the beach on Wednesday evening?” Answer: “I’m coming!”. I like this boy.

So here we are, ready to open the wings of our powerful aircraft: we are among the few who have to assemble the vehicle before flying, but believe me, it’s worth losing that half hour (and checking that they do not remain nuts and bolts on the lawn) and then…

Ready? Go! Take off towards the sea to the bottom of the valley, skirt the CTR and reach the low hills, turn South towards Conero mountain: first we go to greet our neighbors at the “Albatros” flight area.

Here we are, after just 38 minutes battling against the wind at an insane speed of 37-45 km/h

A little chat, greetings, kisses & hugs (so to speak), soon it’s late, if we don’t hurry the sea closes: “India Bravo 577 plus one taking off from runway 40”. Sea we come!

The view is not bad from up here. Over there is the city of Ancona with the Conero “on the sea” in the background …

This is Fano with its port

And finally in front of us the sea with an empty beach, a necessary condition for us to fly over it …

Being that it is 18.15 and at 19.30 it is dark, perhaps it is appropriate to stop fooling around and aim straight (or almost) towards home.

And as soon as we rest our buttocks on the ground … surprise! A butterfly preceded us. “Avoid that I’m coming from the right, move that trap without wings!”

And, of course, if we have assembled, we also have to disassemble …

Will our heroes make it by sunset? Guess how it ended?

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